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Colors in interiors

With the correct combination of colors in the interior, we can not only evoke the right atmosphere, but also complete the space. On these pages devoted to the paint Detoxy Color, we want to provide some information how to correctly combine colors and how to correctly decide what shade of color to use.

Bright cold colors increase, whilst warm optically look smaller

Generally, bright cold colors visually enlarge the space, warm on the opposite evoke a feeling of a small area and contribute to a feeling of cosiness. So be careful in the case of ceilings - if they are low, it is not wise to paint them with dark colors as the room would look very low and you and your guests would feel very uneasy in it. We must also not forget the floors which play a role and can greatly effect the ambience of the room..

Cold colors include: white, blue, green, whilst warm colors are red, orange, and yellow.

"Warm up" cold rooms with warm colors

Medical experiments show that people feel the cold in rooms painted in cold colors in winter earlier than in rooms with warm colors. These findings can of course be effectively used in painting. Rooms oriented to the east or southwest are generally better lit during the day, especially during summer months, and this means heat accumulates in them. To have a more comfortable feeling, we can "cool" them by coating them in blue or green colors. In the case of rooms, which in turn you wish to "warm,"  use a shade of yellow, orange or red. Researchers found, that people can perceive the temperature by a two degree Celsius difference thanks to a color.

Detoxy Color can be purchased in eight basic colors. You can further customize the color to your liking by mixing it with the primary white color. The color not only looks beautiful, but also contributes to your health.

Colors in interiors
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