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Special coatings help our health

Colors are attributes to various effects - improve our mood, stimulate appetite, and can create calmness. But did you know that they can even get rid of air pollutants, or remove dangerous cigarette smoke? It's a simple and easy solution for your home to help people with allergies, asthma or make life more pleasant for smokers.

At first glance, the painted walls look like any other. However the secret of this paint lies inside - the silver ions, fungicides or other special ingredients which are added have special features which can destroy many indoor air pollutants. All of these and manyh more ingredients are added to the color Detoxy Color produced by Rokospol. Silver ions create a protective film on the wall, which destroys both bacteria living on the wall, and new bacteria which comes from the air. This process works all of the time. Unlike most conventional antibacterial coatings, which act as the destroyer of chemicals, and which are gradually lost from the surface, silver ions on the walls remain throughout the lifetime of the coating and they do not even mind wiping with a damp cloth, even though Detoxy Color is a water-based paint that is sold in eight basic colors.

Stop Mold

While many may argue that to create a completely clean home environment is not healthy, because then the immune system of children and adults are unable to defend themselves in the outdoor environment, however there are instances where this fight is simply necessary. This includes mold and fungi. In addition to damaging your home and its furnishings, it may also endanger human health. Spores that are released into the atmosphere by mould can easily cause allergies, which usually manifest as asthma or allergic rhinitis, in addition to depleting respiratory mucous membranes, irritating the eyes, causing headaches and skin irritation.

Before the paint is applied, it is necessary to remove the causes mold. It is usually enough to start properly ventilating, and scraping the mold off the walls with necessary chemicals. Only then should you apply Detoxy Color.

If you plan to paint, think about the fact that Detoxy Color in your home can have many more vital positives then simply a new look and smell!

Special coatings help our health
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