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The main causes of mold

Mold on the walls of an apartment or house is often a problem for many of us.

The main cause of mold is excessive moisture.The cause of moisture can be from a construction defect, usually water leaking through the roof. Another case may be leakage around the windows, when rainwater penetrates through small cracks. In addition to construction defects, a key reason for the occurrence of mold in homes is improper use. Just by breathing, a person produces a large amount of water vapor. If we add cooking, ironing, washing floors, bathing or just watering the flowers, we have quite a few liters of water per day that are floating around the house and that can cause mold.

Plíseň na zdi vzniklá vlhkostí zdiva

For eliminating mold, there is only one advice. Air, cleaning and warmth. We should thoroughly air our home everyday, every season at least three times - best immediately after an activity, which produces more water vapor, such as bathing or cooking. In winter, we should not neglect heating even if the room is not used. Also when arranging the furniture, we should not forget to not place the cupboards too close to the body wall, otherwise not enough air gets through and moisture and in the future mold can form. If it is possible, leave a few centimetres between the walls and furniture.

One solution that prevents mold from forming, is to paint your home with the paint Detoxy Color, which destroys all types of germs and mold.

Even in cases when on the walls mold occurs repeatedly after you have used the usual products and paints, the best solution is to re paint with Detoxy Color which has unique qualities that actively destroy mold.

The main causes of mold
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