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Detoxy Color Paint

Detoxy Color ® is a unique color

which has the ability to remove bacteria, fungi, harmful substances, fumes, vapors and odors from our interior. Detoxy Color is the first indoor paint in the world which uses photocatalysis to self-clean indoor air and wall surfaces. This unique composition is protected by a patent.

Stěna natřená Detoxy Colorem a běžná stěna

Detoxy Color ® cleans air

destroys germs
destroys mold and allergens
•  removes harmful hydrocarbons, including aromatics (benzene, xylene, toluene, etc.)
removes phthalates (that means plastisizers from glues, rubber, carpet, paints, plastic, etc.)

Detoxy Color ® maintains a clean wall & prevents formation of mold

• prevents formation of mold
• decomposes gaseous pollutants in the air, which eliminates odors such as nicotine
• eliminates odors from smoking, cooking, or from polluted areas
• where mold is already on the wall, occurs when overcoating a reliable liquidation

Detoxy Color ®for all areas

But in particular:
• areas susceptible to formation of mold
• in places where people smoke
• public areas, where there are children / preschool, school, entertainment centers /
• health facilities

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