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Colors in interiors

With the correct combination of colors in the interior, we can not only evoke the right atmosphere, but also complete the space. On these pages which are devoted to the paint Detoxy Color, we want to provide some information how to correctly combine colors.

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Watch out for mold in your home

There are hundreds of thousands of species of mold, but only about ten species cause health problems such as sinusitis, bronchitis or other respiratory diseases, as well as allergies.

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The main causes of mold

The main cause of mold is excessive moisture. The cause of moisture can be from a construction defect, usually water leaking through the roof. Another case may be leakage around the windows.

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Special coatings help our health

Colors are said to have different virtues- they improve our mood, stimulate our appetite and create calmness. But do you know that they can even get rid of air pollutants or remove dangerous cigarette smoke?

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