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Packaging of paint Detoxy Color

How to buy?

Simply choose the parameters for Detoxy Color and the penetration:

  1. Choose the number of containers required.
  2. Choose the color tint.
  3. Choose the package size of container.
  4. Click on button "Add to Cart", the goods will appear in the shopping cart below.
  5. To add another product, repeat procedure.
  6. In the same way also order the penetration solution.
  7. Everything you add to the cart will appear below in the Shopping cart.
  8. In the Shopping cart, fill in "Contact details" and send the order.
  9. The transport costs for EU (except Czech Republic ) depends on place of delivery. (The transport costs for Czech Republic is 150 CZk for 1 box).
  10. We will contact you shortly with the order confirmation.



Penetrační nátěr

Order colors detoxy color


Order Penetration


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