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Research and photocatalysis

How Detoxy Color® works

Detoxy Color is a silicate (inorganic) paint which contains special nanoparticles, which have a special ability to merge to all forms of organic matter. Detoxy Color can target and decompose toxic molecules, such as fungi, viruses and bacteria that get to its surface by a photocatalytic reaction. Detoxy color is the first color in the world, where the effective photocatalytic substance activates by both daily and artificial light. This unique formula is protected by a patent.

The demonstration of detoxy color efficiency



Photocatalysis is the acceleration of a photoreaction in the presence of a catalyst. In catalysed photolysis, light is absorbed by an adsorbed substrate by means of Titanium Oxide (TiO). Photocatalytic active surfaces can be used for many purposes such as cleaning surfaces or for filtering.

The process of the photocatalytic phenomenon in Detoxy Color ®

The principle is based on the fact that light releases a radical oxygen in the color, which attacks micro-organisms and their genetic systems, and ensures their liquidation. Detoxy Color also has an important positive effect on the environment in which we live, because it is able to neutralize toxic and gaseous pollutants.

There are many various concentrations of harmful toxic substances in our homes. These range from nicotine and its various compounds of evaporated residues to varnishes, adhesives and various plasticizers. They are responsible for our asthma, allergies or even incidences of cancer. Detoxy Color can break down these toxic gaseous molecules into water and carbon dioxide. Evidence of this was seen by a number of measurements carried out by our scientists.

We measured interior space without Detoxy Color and then with Detoxy Color. The results were simply outstanding for Detoxy Color, and showed a dramatic increase in air quality within the space painted by Detoxy Color. We are still very much actively watching and finding new evidence on the influense of photocatalysis on the environment. However, we have taken a fundamental step in a positive way in this area, both for us as humans and also the environment in which we live in.


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